Tatyana Levchik
Tatyana Levchik
Coach, psychologist,
speech Coach at TEDx Conference

I help to find yourself in case of loss,
become confident in yourself and in life

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Feedback about Tatyana.
Participants of trainings and consultations
Tatyana Levchik
Coach, psychologist
I love life, enjoy every moment and people who meet on my way. I'm always active, mobile and open to new accomplishments and knowledge.

I got professional education in Belarus and also abroad
(CIS countries, the USA, India, South Africa, Southeast Asia).
I had dreamed to become a psychologist and a journalist since my childhood. After getting a degree in psychology and post-graduation, I worked in international organizations as a practicing psychologist, a coach and a coordinator of various projects.

I helped victims of human trafficking, gender and sexual violence, families raising children with psychophysical peculiarities, people with addictions, older age groups, refugees and illegal migrants...

I met different people on my way, and I always tried to inspire them to overcome their fear and believe in a bright future, changing their lives. And they, in turn, taught me to always follow my own words and motivated to live my life to the full extent.

In 2016, I took a step into the unknown, setting off to a journey through Asia, notwithstanding anxiety and fear of change. To say that it changed me would be an understatement.

All life events give us experience. Therefore, I draw conclusions from the lessons provided and transform them into a conscious and harmonious life.

I share not only psychological knowledge and oriental teachings gained at university and from books, but also my personal accumulated and conscious life experience, gathered from thousands of situations, meetings, feelings, fears, struggles and discoveries, which formed a clear understanding of my purpose in life.

I help to find and love yourself, to cope with depression and fears, to feel the power and support of Life.
Work experience
Red Cross
International Organization for Migration
University of the Golden Age for elderly people
UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
> 1 470
individual consultations
> 590
> 37
visited countries
> 10
years of practice
I specialize in:

  • Professional Coaching ACSTH
  • art therapy
  • existential psychology
  • family mediation
  • sexology
  • NLP and enneagram
  • gestalt therapy
  • cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
  • dance and movement therapy
  • crisis psychology
  • development of gender sensitivity
  • vedic psychology and astrology
  • neurographica as the art of positive change
  • oratory and business coaching
Татьяна Левчик коуч
I share the knowledge and experience gained over 10 years of professional activity, lifelong learning and self-education in various countries of the world.
My approach is based on combining traditional areas of psychology and oriental, Vedic, esoteric knowledge to improve the quality of human life in all spheres.
Tatyana Levchik
Coach, psychologist, trainer
Psychological consultation
I will help you with:
  • emotional addiction on another person
  • infidelity, divorce, relationships with your partner
  • loneliness, single status
  • making a decision, difficult choice
  • fears, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem
  • sex, sexuality, gender identity
  • relationships with others
  • violence trauma
I will help to make your presentation perfect
You will:
  • overcome your anxiety and fear of public speaking
  • structure your speech, make it emotional, expressive, focused
  • learn how to influence the audience
  • master speaking skills, confidence in yourself and your presentation
  • get ready to go on stage
I will help you to set concrete goals in any sphere of your life and reach it
I will help to turn your trip into a powerful transformational practice
I accompany you to another city, country, continent.

  • I observe, advise, give feedback and recommendations on the way
  • reduce anxiety and help to overcome fear
  • I help to stay "here and now", to express feelings, to reflect, to realize the present moment
  • Open the borders of the unknown
  • I contribute to the transformation of the gained experience to a new level.
    Trainings, lectures, master classes worldwide with individual approach
    I charge with energy, motivate for changes, inspire for development

    You have no idea how to change your life?
    Talking about it is the first step

    Tete a tete
    Online from any point in the world
    At a convenient time
    Duration of one session - 1 hour
    Appropriate formats
    Cost one hour- $ 30
    Clients' experience
    Karen Gay
    speaker TEDxTayHoWomen
    Holistic Health Practitioner
    Praise for Tatyana

    The word "coach" does not sum up what Tatyana is, nor should it, for she is actually an angel who comes into your life to guide, support and nurture you. Tatyana's sincere desire to see you flourish and succeed is palpable and you have a deep knowing that with her guidance you will be able to achieve your goal, this was my experience working with Tatyana.

    Our very first conversation bolstered me and I sensed I would be able to accomplish the daunting task ahead of me. There were several times during our work together where I came to our conversations feeling overwhelmed and incapable but left feeling empowered and armed with tools for success.
    Tatyana has the ability to see clearly your capabilities and help you see them as well. Her tool set is vast, which allows her to assist her clients at the practical level, as well as at the mental, and emotional levels.

    When you work with Tatyana, you can't help but feel her compassion as well as her passion for empowering her clients. I highly recommend anyone looking for a speech or personal growth coach to engage Tatyana's services. You will have a level of support that is unprecedented.

    Thank you, Tatyana!
    Nina Keiko
    individual sessions participant
    I'm so glad that I attended your individual consultations, Tanya. They became an "angel ring" in my life. Thanks to your professionalism, attention, sensitivity, clarity, concentration and kindness, I've overcome lots of problems and fears. I've felt inner strength and support. I've learned to set boundaries in my relationships with people. Through communicating with Tatyana I understood that life is the best that we have, and without problems and obstacles it would be boring and useless. Thank you, Tanya.
    Chiara Squinzi
    speaker TEDxTayHoWomen
    Health coach, Yoga teacher
    I had the luck of being coached by Tanya in preparation for my first TEDx Talk in December 2018.
    I was not sure about what to expect and therefore I spent some nervous days, reading and watching videos about it.

    My first coaching session with Tanya immediately made me relaxed and focused.

    Her enthusiasm and knowledge helped me create an informative yet emotional talk that kept listeners interested and motivated them to take actions afterwards. The coaching was very positive and on point all the time. It was great to bounce ideas of each other and discover strength points I didn't even know I had. I never felt she was pushing away from my original idea, and that for me was very important. Despite having 7 other speakers to coach, she was there for me all the time I needed her and made me feel supported and important.

    I really appreciated the suggestions about talking tones as it made the speech more powerful and more relatable.

    Another part of her coaching that I really enjoyed, was the message she sent the night before the event. It made me calm down and feel proud of myself for what I achieved so far; it gave me confidence to stand an the stage proudly.

    I am particularly grateful of the breathing exercise she sent; I practiced it after my first disastrous stage rehearsal and made a huge difference! My voice was then calm, my mind stopped racing and I could remember my speech and directions without issues. I kept practicing it the whole time before my speech and really made my day.

    I am extremely thankful for her assistance and would recommend her to anyone who wants to do more public speaking.
    Elena Gorbachevskaya
    training participant
    There are people who completely change your life and outlook when you meet them. You've changed me. My belief in myself, in kindness and in people – it's because of YOU. I know a number of people whom you also helped. Not everyone was lucky to meet such a person. Love you so much.
    Jen Vuhuong
    Author, Trainer
    I was amazed to have the chance to work with Tanya in preparing for my Tedx talk.

    It was a tight time for me and Tanya helped me to stay on track when preparing for my speech. Tayna would provide flexible schedules for our coaching session despite her busy time.
    After each session, I got charged again by her great energy and I got back the focus and clarity for my speech through the great questions she asked me.

    I would highly recommend anyone to work with Tanya as her dedication on helping you and her great vibe will help you to share your message in the best way with your best you.

    And yes Tayna together with her team created a meaningful Tedx event with different inspiring speakers. Thanks and looking forward to working with you another Tedx event.
    Vera Kuzovina
    Lectures attendant
    Tanechka, we remember and still quote you. We recall your words, life examples, your personal stories and everything that lives in our memory. My friends at university often tell that they still cope with difficult life issues reading the notes from your lectures. And so do I. We don't have such lessons in psychology, as you gave us.
    Nadezhda Deshkovets
    Speaker TEDxTayHoWomen
    Transformation coach
    I worked with Tanya Levchik while preparing for TEDxWomenHanoi in 2018.

    Tanya was my speech coach, directing my work on text creating and rehearsals for 2 months.

    Tanya was very considerate and kind to me, her feedback was always constructive and her remarks were very helpful.
    As a result, my presentation made a very positive impression on the audience.

    I would recommend Tanya as a speech coach for the organizers of international meetings and events.

    Maria Leschinskaya
    Trainings and individual sessions participant
    Sensitive, sincere, kind, profound, wise, full of love and light! Tatyana helped and supported me in the most complicated periods of my life, setting me to the positive mood. After talking to her I ALWAYS felt inner relief and saw a clear picture of my further living.
    Larisa Priboretskaya
    Lectures attendant
    Tanechka! We remember you with LOVE! You've broadened our horizons, influenced our worldview, opened people's hearts with your LOVE! We lack communication with you!
    I embrace you heartily, I wish you maintain your joy, love and cordiality!

    Elena Pavlenkovich
    seminar participant
    Tanya, you are the best psychologist I know. I love and appreciate you very much. My daughter Vera got her diploma in psychology the other day – I want her to be like you.
    Alexandra Robul
    Project coordinator in Red Cross
    You embody positive human qualities: kindness, warmth and understanding, as well as perfect professional skills! Working with you and communicating informally gives equal pleasure!
    Margarita Shishkina
    Training participant
    Tatyana, I fully enjoy my life now.
    Much has changed after the training. I found a job at once. Really, I was very surprised.
    I liked everything so much. And I miss your inspiration a lot. I started to plan my day more appropriately, set right priorities. All my life has changed. The main goal now is: TO MOVE FORWARD! Thanks a lot for your work!
    Alla Kuksa
    Training participant
    Meeting Tatyana impressed me somehow. Later I found out that she was a psychologist. Her confidence, peacefulness, ability to listen, feminity – all these things attracted me to her. I wanted to become like her, I was lacking such qualities. She told me about the moment "here and now" – it became the most important for me. God sent me her on my way. Tatyana, thank you.
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